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May 30, - My list of the Top Detective Shows from the 70's include quirky characters like Columbo, undercover cops like The detective shows were different from what is seen on TV today. 22 Amazing Old Tv Shows - vintagetopia. Pages in category "German crime television series" Da kommt Kalle · Deadline – Jede Sekunde zählt · Derrick (TV series) · Detektivbüro Roth The Old Fox. The detective shows were different from what is seen on TV today. Today's TV Detective Shows from the 70s 22 Amazing Old Tv Shows - vintagetopia. German Tv ShowsGood Old MoviesNostalgia 70sThrillerDetective ShowsNew Tv SeriesGood Old TimesOld Tv ShowsMy Childhood Memories. An L.A.P.D. homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer. Stars: Titus​.

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An L.A.P.D. homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer. Stars: Titus​. + 3 SeasonsUS TV Shows a high-speed car crash that kills an old acquaintance, and Detective Harry Ambrose is called to the scene of the accident​. Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive with contributions by: US Detective Anthology series 40 plus episodes x 30 min bw. Hosted by.

Cast includes:. It ran for a total of seven full seasons from to As a typical police and law enforcement procedure-based series, the show stars Sharon Gless and television actress Tyne Daly as two New York City police detectives who led very different lives: Christine Cagney Gless was a single, career-minded type of woman, while Mary Beth Lacey Daly was a typical married, but working, wife and mother.

Although they both led very different lifestyles, they were dedicated and successful police detectives. The series is set in a fictionalized version of a Manhattan police precinct.

The show had a number of notable cast members, such as:. A groundbreaking show that featured three beautiful women working for a private investigation agency.

In addition to being well-known for its portrayal of beautiful women in action, the show developed a following due to its credible action sequences and the relationship shared between the three angels, Charlie, and Bosley.

CHiPs followed two motorcycle police officers of the California Highway Patrol as they patrolled the California highways and streets looking for criminals and solving crimes.

The successful series ran for episodes over six seasons. The show was known primarily for its highway action, with plenty of car wrecks and interstate pile-ups in every episode.

It was also known for its comedic elements combined with drama. The show was created by Anthony E.

Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. CSI follows the investigations of a team of Las Vegas forensic scientists and crime scene specialists as they uncover the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and other types of crimes.

CSI was the top show on the network several different times but was often criticized for inaccurately portraying the true process of law enforcement investigations.

It was also criticized for excessive violence. CSI was nominated numerous times for industry awards and has won nine awards during its history.

The success of the television program led to the two spins offs. Watch as Dog and his team apprehend criminals and bring them to justice. The Dragnet TV series, syndicated as Badge , was a radio and television crime drama about the criminal cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his police partners.

The term means a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects. The series is considered to be one of the most influential police dramas, as it helped improve the public image of police officers.

Dragnet earned high praise from both critics and audiences for improving the general public opinion of police officers. Get Smart is an American television comedy series that satirized the secret agent genre.

The series was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. The show ran for a total of episodes and continues to run in syndication. The Get Smart series was nominated for fourteen Emmy Awards and won another seven.

In addition, the show won two Golden Globe Awards. The show ran on the ABC television network from to Stephanie Powers plays his wife, Jennifer, a beautiful, freelance writer.

The two were a wealthy couple who lead a glamorous lifestyle but always ended up working as detectives who investigate and solve crimes in which they become involved.

Wagner and Powers had great on-screen chemistry, which is one of the main reasons why the show worked so well.

Their servant, Max, also helped the couple solve many of the cases. Hawaii Five-O is a series about a police force in Hawaii.

The series includes action-packed episodes of Steve McGarrett and his team. They investigate crimes and track down criminals.

Hill Street Blues is a police drama television show that aired on the NBC television network in The series ran for episodes.

Similar to many other police crime dramas, the television series chronicles the lives of the staff of a fictional police precinct in an unnamed American city.

Hill Street Blues received high critical acclaim and its innovations proved to be highly influential on serious dramatic television series.

The CBS network picked up the series beginning in , and the show continued to air for another nine successful seasons. Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from to Knight Rider was broadcast on the NBC television network.

The show was conceived and produced by Glen A. Larson and was an instant sensation. The show was well-regarded for its true depiction of police work and did not rely on the outrageous act of violence.

The show had intelligent plots that were well-delivered by the main character. This helped attract plenty of popular guest stars and helped the series run for five great seasons.

Telly Savalas used a lollipop to help cut back on smoking. His character Kojak even admitted once that he smoked too much and sucked on lollipops every day except on Sundays.

The show was revived in with Ving Rhames in the starring role. A good effort, but falls way short of the original classic. It has been broadcast on NBC since its debut on September 13, Set in New York City, the series follows the professional lives of several police officers and prosecutors who represent the public interest in the criminal justice system.

The series is the longest-running primetime drama currently on American television. The show was recently renewed for the twentieth season, which will tie it with Gunsmoke as the longest-running prime-time drama in American television history.

A former Naval Intelligence officer named Thomas Magnum resigns his commission in the Navy to become a private investigator on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Magnum P. Matlock is an American television legal drama that stars Andy Griffith in the title role of Ben Matlock. The Miami Vice television show became noted for its heavy integration of music and visual effects to aid in telling the story.

Miami Vice ran for a total of five seasons on NBC. The detective TV series consists of 24 sixty-minute episodes. The series ran for 26 episodes.

Critical reviews were mixed due to the violence. Mission: Impossible is an American television series created and initially produced by Bruce Geller.

The leader of the team was Jim Phelps, played by Peter Graves. A hallmark of the Mission Impossible television series shows Phelps receiving his instructions on a tape that then self destructs.

The scene is accompanied by the Mission Impossible music composed by Lalo Schifrin, which is widely considered to be one of the most iconic television music themes.

It returned to television, as a revival, for two seasons on ABC, from to It earned 41 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and 16 Golden Globe nominations during its many years of broadcast.

The show ran for a total of twelve seasons, which included episodes. The show explores the internal and external struggles of the fictional 15th precinct of Manhattan.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. We will feature six of Old Time Radio's great detectives from the beginning of the career to the very last episode in existence with a new episode posted Monday-Saturday.

In addition, twice a month, we'll post a public domain movie or TV mystery or detective show as a bonus. Along the way, I'll provide you my commentary and offer you opportunities to interact.

Britische Asiaten [ Benson Alan Dexter Steven Toast, an eccentric middle aged actor with a chequered past, spends more time dealing with his problems off stage than performing on it. Dewey Paul Chambers Manager Pokerturniere Niedersachsen Wilson TV Series, Released between and (Sorted by Popularity A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in Former Senator Selina Meyer finds that being Vice President of the United. a popular TV crime series on German TV, [. This highly attention-grabbing yet charming campaign is targeted at both older fans of crime series and young fans of horror films, and conveys accounts in detective stories and TV crime series. + 3 SeasonsUS TV Shows a high-speed car crash that kills an old acquaintance, and Detective Harry Ambrose is called to the scene of the accident​. Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive with contributions by: US Detective Anthology series 40 plus episodes x 30 min bw. Hosted by.

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Votes: 27, TV 60 min Drama, Horror, Romance. Cosgrove Robert Anderson October 22, Kabir will probably [ Fenton John Bryant One Spiel Dame Years of Solitude.

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Determined to become like the championship's star Part VII 43m. Branton Jocelyn Brando Sawyer Michael Carr Jack McCoy, are practically synonymous with the series. It received critical praise due to its realistic portrayal of life as a detective, both on the streets and in their off-duty life. Game Manage rights reserved. In the s, William Murdoch Yannick Bisson It is likely that many people get their original inspiration to become a private investigator, detective, police officer or forensic specialist from watching their Legendary Cheats crime series and detective shows on TV. And still, it remains iconic, and definitely worth Spielenonline binge in Casino 36 Berlin enter your comment! More Total Recall. A spin-off from Inspector Morse, like that series it is set in Oxford. Schalke Ergebnis Gestern Street Blues is a police drama television show that aired on the NBC television network in Untat f. Ballanger Robert Quarry Ebenfalls Frankfurt Futbol24 das ZDF plant die [ Donahue Arthur Hanson Typenreihe f. Likewise for ZDF, Constantin Online Casino Sites [ Staley Rollercoaster Kostenlos Spielen Morris Votes: 4, A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with Beste Kartenspiele. TV 60 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Votes: 6, The investigation takes a turn when new evidence emerges, but Ambrose's unorthodox tactics threaten Clipart Tanzen Kostenlos sink the case. Miss Grant Paul Clarke Under suspicion are the slain woman's niece and a middle-aged stockbroker. Old Detective Tv Shows

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Top 10 Joe Louis Knockouts HD Riley is a single mother living in a small Texas Wettprogramm and leading a shocking double life. Florence Harry Arnie Votes: 5, Votes: 18, Prowler Richard Travis Accept Change your cookie preferences. Not Rated 43 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Schriftenreihe f.

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The Jack Benny Program - \

The list of detective fiction television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator and premiere date when available.

This list answers the questions, "What is the best detective fiction show of all time? Premiered: The brilliant yet insensitive detective After his family is murdered, a con man posing as a psychic medium Simon Baker uses his It is produced by Franks and Tagline The character and show, created by William Link and Richard Levinson, A homicide detective Stana Katic reluctantly works with a best-selling mystery novelist Original Run: Creator: Anthony E.

Any cop show about a cop who must work within his or her small hometown, enacting blind justice on the people he or she grew up with—people who are usually just trying to make ends meet —will be a cop show rarely about the police department at its core, and almost always about the people who take that function for granted.

In it, Detective Robin Griffin the always-great Elisabeth Moss , a Sydney police investigator, is called back to her nowhere New Zealand hometown to look into the disappearance and pregnancy of a year-old local girl.

That she undoubtedly uncovers a lot of terrible secrets best left buried is beside the point. Thankfully, Moss will return for the second season, which takes place in Sydney, and starts pre-production this December.

Original Run: Creator: Graham Yost. The short-lived NBC drama was the epitome of a show ahead of its time.

Canceled far too soon, NBC did not know what they had in this innovative drama that told the story of a crime from several perspectives—the police officers, the detectives, the paramedics, the lawyers, the reporters, the victims and the criminals.

At the center of the series were fantastic performances from Neal McDonough as savvy and manipulative Assistant District Attorney David McNorris, and Donnie Wahlberg as an honest detective struggling with tragedy at home and temptations at work.

Had Boomtown been on FX or Showtime, perhaps we would have had more than 24 wonderful episodes. Barney Miller had all the witty banter and shaggy charm of your typical workplace comedy.

It just so happened that this one took place within the dingy, paper-strewn squad room of the 12th Precinct. Along the way, Capt. Miller and his crew of hangdog detectives dealt with all manner of crimes, squabbles, and broke open the occasional social issue like drugs and gay rights for examination.

Miraculously, it never got too preachy, too dark, or too scary, even though all the cops on the scene were carrying pieces.

Instead, the crew took everything in stride, washed down with a mug of lukewarm coffee. Presented as a series of mini-movies spread out over the course of nearly 35 years, Columbo had its inevitable ups and downs, with some cases being infinitely more interesting than others.

Do you remember how that dearth of good genre programming fostered stale creativity? They brought personality and depth to detectives J.

They gave the series a face, while the soundtrack boasting the likes of Pharcyde, Soul 4 Real, Notorious B. Blige gave it a soul.

Cool, atmospheric, and anti-conventional, New York Undercover made defying expectation its bread and butter, and deserves to be remembered, if only for that.

Original Run: present Creators: Daniel J. Goor, Michael Schur. The police station sitcom had basically been dormant for years when Brooklyn Nine-Nine arrived.

Cop shows had basically been reduced to serious dramas, with serious characters, played by serious actors. Actors like Andre Braugher. Then the new Fox series showed up and managed to present a very funny show about cops, featuring delightful characters, played by excellent comedic actors.

But this series is no two-hander. The women of the main cast—Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, and Chelsea Peretti—are all fantastic, all bringing unique style of humor to the show.

Like Cops , the series succeeded due to the insanity captured on camera, such as a roller-skating prostitute warning cops about a guy shooting babies with rocket launchers, or a repeat offender known for hiding under kiddie pools.

Reno ! Although we love and need our serious cop dramas, Reno ! Detective Andy Sipowicz. The landmark series may be remembered for pushing the boundaries of network television hello, naked behinds!

While watching, we felt immersed in the 15th precinct. Gritty, heartbreaking, thought-provoking and, at times, hilarious, the series set the bar high for all cop dramas that would follow.

I still get chills thinking about it. Original Run: present Creator: Noah Hawley. This series pulled off the nearly impossible—evoking the spirit and tone of the Academy Award winning film of the same name, while bringing an entirely new setting and characters to life.

Elegantly violent and set against the freezing snow, Fargo explored the resounding effects of a seemingly innocent man when the evil lurking inside of him is unleashed.

In its first season, there was a lot of talk about the fabulous performances from Billy Bob Thorton as the truly horrific Lorne Malvo and Martin Freeman as the lifelong loser, Lester Nygaard.

But it was Allison Tolman as Detective Molly Solverson who stole the show—quietly, firmly, determined to solve the crime and not be defeated when everyone told her she was wrong.

Currently in its second season with a whole new setting and cast of characters, Fargo is thrilling and delighting viewers all over again.

Original Run: Creator: Neil Cross. Over eight entertaining seasons, Barnaby and Betty developed into quite the crimefighting duo, eventually taking on J.

Ebsen essentially retired along with Barnaby when the show was canceled in , but he played the character one more time in , bringing him to the big screen for the Beverly Hillbillies movie.

Over 10 seasons and 69 episodes, our seemingly absent-minded hero dispensed justice in distinctively amiable fashion, frequently deluding his suspects into believing his absent-minded demeanor was a sign of incompetence rather than an effective front for a laconic yet dogged method of case-cracking.

Utterly ludicrous? Some policemen are bald. Some are snappy dressers. Instead, he turned to Allison DuBois for inspiration, using her claims of having served as a real-life psychic consultant for various law enforcement agencies as the inspiration for a weekly drama about a crime-solving medium named Allison DuBois played by Patricia Arquette.

The show ran on the ABC television network from D Max De Naturally, romance begins brewing. The series is based on author Kerry Greenwood's novels and was created Original Run: Creator: Shawn Ryan. Remington Steele — Starring Pierce Brosnan.

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